Julia Kissina. Born in Kiev • Masters in Art from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich • taught as a Professor of New Media and Art Photography

Solo exhibitions

2022 Brandenburg Museum of Modern Art, Cottbus, Germany
2022 Phantom Gallery Project on Union Square, New York
2021 Julia Kissina, Gallery BB. Art colony Wedding. Berlin
2020 Chicken-Party. Kunstsalon Doelberg. Goslar
2018 Conspiracy. Gallery BB. Art colony Wedding. Berlin
2017 Metaphysics vs. Politics #3. Project by Julie August. Berlin/Buenos Aires
2016 Komplexraum #15. General Public. Berlin
2015 Metaphysics versus Politics #2. Gallery BLA. Art colony Wedding. Berlin.
2014 Animal magnetism. Gallery Brian Herlihy. County Kerry. Ireland
2013 Secret Rituals. Julia Kissina and Caro Suerkemper. Hartwig Gallery. Ruegen
2012 Komplexraum #2. Julia Kissina and Lucy Powell. General Public. Berlin
2011 Meteorites on the Sledges. Berlin-Weekly Gallery
 Metaphysics vs. Politics. Factory (4th Moscow Biennale)
2010 Shadows cast People. Gallery Pobeda. Moscow
• Shadows cast People. 18M gallery. Berlin
• Conversation with Alexandra Exter. Art-Kiev. Armory. Ukraine
2008 I see something what you don’t. Bereznitsky Gallery. Berlin
The Dead Artists Society. Project k48. Vienna
2007 The Fantom of the Art. 18M gallery. Berlin.
 The Serious Art. Kassel Kunstverein (documenta 12)
• Gourmets and predators. Vera Pogodina Gallery. Moscow 
 Leonardo vs. Pollock. General Public. Berlin
• Conference with Malevich. The New Tretjakow Gallery. Moscow
2006 Fluxus: The Invisible Teacher. Gallery 18m. Berlin.
2005 Pedigree Pur. Gallery Forward! Berlin 
Election posters. Gallery Forward! Berlin
2004 Toys. Osram House. Munich 
Live and Enjoy in Germany. Zagreus. Art Berlin
2003 Electronic Confession
• The Attempt to Kidnap the Composer Stockhausen.
 Art and Crime Festival. Hebbel Theatre. Berlin
2002 Awake! Art Frankfurt
• Julia Kissina/Michael Michelmeyer. Photogallery Vienna
2001 Protein. The Church of the Savior Mainz
• Ornament and crime. Anita Beckers Gallery. Frankfurt/M
2000 Protein. Grassi Museum. Leipzig. Toys 
Fotografie Forum. Frankfurt/M 
• Julia Kissina
. Wigmore Fine Art. London
The Divine Hunt. MOMA. Frankfurt/M

Selected group exhibitions

2022 Julia Kissina and Caro Suerkemper. Gallery BB. Art colony Wedding. Berlin
2922 Die Obiger Galaxis. Axel Obiger Gallery, Berlin
2018 Lazy Jeniuses. Art Factory Wiesenburg. Berlin
2017 Death in the Art.  Gallery Central Booking/LES. New York
2016 Bipolar. Gallery Uhrwerk. Berlin
2015 A Nightmare. Salon de Lirio. Velim/Salcette. India
• Navigare nesses est SchauFenster. Berlin
• The Dark Stories. Sunaparanta — Goa Arts Center. India
2012 The Ghosts of TimeMuseum Morsbroich Leverkusen.
• Pobeda Gallery. GUM. Moscow
2011 Miracle. Deichtorhallen. Hamburg
• Happy Childhood in Modern Photography. Kunsthalle Faust. Hanover
• Art Menu. Academy of the Diocese. Rottenburg-Stuttgart
• Erica Mustermann Collection. Der Strich. Berlin
2010 The Fate of Irony. KAI10 Arthena Foundation. Dusseldorf
2009 Feedback-1989. Tirana. Albania
• The Universe is Next Door. Art colony Schoppingen
• Portraits of young women. Gallery 18 m. Berlin
• Measurements. Agatenburg Castle. Hamburg
2008 Nest. Gallery 18m. Berlin
• Pobeda Gallery on Paris-Photo
Obscurum per obscurius. Art Hall. Tallinn.
•  Aquamediale. Lubben
• Shifted identities. LI Space. Beijing. China
2007 Conversation with the Dadaist. Hugo Ball: fuga saeculi. Cabaret Voltaire. Zurich.
The Spirit of J. Kjarval. Sequences Festival of Contemporary Art. Reykjavik.
• I believe. Vinzavod. Moscow
• Thinking Realism (the 2nd Moscow Biennale). Tretyakov Gallery.
• We are Paula. Artist House. Worpswede
2006 We Have no Problem. Backfabrik. Berlin.
• Happy Believers. Werkleitz Biennale. Halle
2005 Hope Stop. Zverev Center. Moscow (the 1st Moscow Biennale)
2004 First Food, Then Morality. Gallery in HGB. Leipzig
2003 Innocence and Experience. The Apartment gallery. Athens
2002 Genetics and Vision. Biennale of Contemporary Art. Meran.
•  Second Skin. Bellerive Museum. Zurich
2001 The Beast. Het Vaan Reekum Museum. Apeldoorn Holland
• Desire. Ursula Blickle. Kreichtal Foundation for Contemporary Art (G.)
• Desire. Museum of Modern Art in Bologna.
• Products. Kunstverein Heidelberg.
2000 Hair. Bellevue Museum. Zurich
1999 SurfFace. 5020 gallery. Salzburg
• Bandits-Mages Film Festival. Bourge. France
1998 Photobiennale Moscow

Exhibitions curated

• 2019 Boris Lurie. Altered Man. Kiev State Gallery and Odessa Art Museum, Ukraine
• 2009 Grandma’s Jam (curator). Free Museum. Berlin
• 2003 Art and Crime (Art without Crime), HAU. Berlin. together with Sylvia Sasse

Art-Awards and Scholarships

2022 Kunstfond Stipendium für freischaffende bildende Künstler, Germany
2001 Viewing Program 20/21, The Drawing Center, New York, NY
2009 Artist Colony, Schoeppingen
2008 Gisela und Erwin von Steiner Foundation, Munich
2007 Artist Colony, Worpswede
2001 DAAD, Zurich, Award by Kunstverein Heidelberg
2000 Jürgen Ponto Foundation of Dresden Bank. Frankfurt/M
1998 Project Grant from the city of Munich
1997 Project Grant from the Prinzregent Luitpold Foundation, Bavaria