Literary works

Novels and Short Story Collections by Julia Kissina

• “Madame la Dostoevskaja”. novel. Scritturapura, Torino. 2020 (Italian Edition)
• “Elephantina’s Moscow Years” (Elephantinas Moskauer Jahre), novel. Surkamp Verlag, Berlin. 2016 (Germ. ed.)
• “Elephantina” (Юлия Кисина. Элефантина) М. Эксмо. 2018 (Russ. ed.)
• “Springtime on the Moon” (Юлія Кісіна. Весна на Місяці) Fabula. Ukraine. 2017 (Ukr. ed.)
•  “Springtime on the Moon” (Весна на луне) Azbuka. St. Petersburg. 2012 (Russ. ed.)
•  “Springtime on the Moon” (Frühling auf dem Mond) Surkamp Verlag. Berlin. 2013
• “Elephantina” (Елефантіна) Fabula. Ukraine. 2016 (Ukr. ed.)
•  “Forget Tarantino”. Aufbau Verlag. Berlin. 2005 (Germ. ed.) (short story collection)
•  “The Smile of the Ax”. Kolonna Publications. Prague. 2007 (short story collection) (Russ. ed.)
•  “Milin and the Magic Pencil” Bloomsbury/Berlin Verlag. 2005 (children’s book)(Germ. ed.)
•  “Simple Desires”. Alethea. St. Petersburgs, 2001 (Russ. ed.) (short story collection)
•  “The Dove’s Flight Over the Mud of Phobia”. novel. Obscuri viri. Moscow. 1997 (Russ. ed.)
•  “The Devil’s Childhood”. novel. Obscuri viri. Moscow. 1993 (Russ. ed.)
Suhrkamp Verlag. Berlin

Anthologies and collections

Arthenol art and literature magazine. New York. 2016 • “A Thousand Poets. One Language”. anthology. A Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum Foundation. Dubai. 2009 • “21 new storytellers” anthology. DTV. Munich. 2003 • “Russian flowers of the evil”. anthology. Exmo-Press. Moscow. 1997 • “Ruské kvety zla”. anthology. Belimex. Slovakia. 2001 • “Les fleurs du mal”. anthology. A. Michel. Paris 1997 • “I fiori del male russi”. anthology. Voland. Roma. in 2001 • “Cuentos rusos”. Anthology. Siruela. Madrid. 2006 • “Tema lesarva”. anthology. Gabo. Budapest. 2005 • “Contemporary Russian Prose”. anthology. Zacharov. Moscow. 2003 • “Il casualitico” (Fernando Pessoa. Amélie Nothomb. Valentino Zaichen. Renzo Paris. Franco Purini. Julia Kissina). Voland. Rome. 2003 • Lettre International literature magazine. N-71. Budapest. 2008 • New Literature magazine. Bucharest 4/1994 • Schreibheft literature magazine. # 59. Essen. Germany. 2002 • Via Regia literature magazine. #48/49. Berlin. 1997 • Mitin Journal literature magazine. Leningrad/Petersburg. annually •   Zvezda, St. Petersburg, 2011, 2015 •  Short Stories in Russian. anthology. New Penguin. 2017

Editor: “Revolution Noir” – the anthology of new Russian avant-gard. Suhrkamp. Berlin. 2017

Online English

Short story in Body

Short story in Sensitive Skin

An excerpt from a novel, Eagles and Partridges, in Jewish Fiction

На русском

Весна на луне (отрывки из романа) в журнале Звезда

Цирк Олимп


Awards and fellowships

2016 “The List of the Best” of the Southwest Broadcasting, Germany
2016 The First Prize of Magazine Zvezda in St. Petersburg for the Prose Works.
2013-2015 Prins Foundation Writers-in-Residence, The Center for Jewish History, New York,
2014 Alfred-Doeblin-Fellowship, Berlin
2012 Award for literature from the Berlin Senate
2012 Writer in Residence, Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain
2007 Writer in Residence, Schoeppingen
2005 Fellowship in the EU, Baltic Center for Writers and Translators, Visby, Sweden
2006 Award for literature from the Berlin Senate
2006 Writer in Residence, The International Writers and Translators Center of Rhodes, Greece