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Julia Kissina was born in Kiev, Ukraine and studied dramatic writing at the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow, VGIK. A political refugee, she immigrated to Germany in 1990, where she later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. As a Visiting Professor of New Media, she taught at the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design in Germany as well as The Rodchenko Art School in Moscow. Julia Kissina lives in Berlin and New York City.

Personal exhibitions:
2012 Komplexraum #2. Julia Kissina and Lucy Powell. General Public Project Berlin
2011 Meteorites on Sled. Weekly Project Berlin; Against Politics. Fabrica Parallel program at the 4th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art

2010 Shadows Cast People. Pobeda Gallery Moscow; Shadows Cast People. 18M Gallery Berlin
2008 I can see something you can’t see. Bereznitsky Gallery Berlin; Dead Artists Society. k48 Project Vienna
2007 The Phantom of the Art. with Uros Djuric. 18M Gallery Berlin, The Serious Art Workshop. Kunstvereinsheim Kassel; Predators. Vera Pogodina Gallery Moscow; Unknown Masterpieces. General Public Project Berlin; Conference with Malevich. Art House Moscow; Repin Speaking. Afisha Publishing House Moscow
2006 Dead Artists Society. 18m Gallery Berlin
2005 Pedigree Pur. Atelier Forward. Berlin; Election Posters. Atelier Forward. Berlin
2004 Toys. Osram Gallery Munich; German Authentic Way to Live and Enjoy. Zagreus Project at the Art-Forum Berlin
2003 Art and Crime. Police department N 42 in Berlin; Absolution / Public Confessional Box. Hebbel Theatre Berlin
2002 Awake! Gallery Anita Beckers in Art-Frankfurt; Julia Kissina / Michael Michlmayr. Fotogalerie Wien Vienna
2001 Protein. Saviour's Church Mainz-Kastel; Ornament + Crime. Anita Beckers Gallery Frankfurt
2000 Protein. Grassi Museum Leipzig; Toys. Photography Forum Frankfurt; Wigmore Fine Art London; Divine Hunt. Museum of Modern Art Frankfurt
1998 Gourmets and Predators. Stefan Vogdt Gallery Munich
1997 Verena. Lotringerstrasse Gallery Munich


Group exhibitions:
2012 Zeitgespenster. (Time Ghosts) Phenomena of the supernatural in contemporary art. Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen; Artist of the Gallery. Pobeda Gallery in GUM Moscow
2011 The Wunder(miracles) Deichtorhallen Hamburg; Lucky/Childhood in Contemporary Photography. Gallery of Modern Art Fürth; Kunstmenü. Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart; Erika Mustermann Collection. The Strich Project Berlin

2010 The Fate of Irony. KAI10 | Raum für Kunst Düsseldorf; Dead Artists Society. Art-Kiew Mystetskyi Arsenal Ukraine; Pobeda Gallery in Mois International de la Photographie à Paris
2008 Obscurum per obscurius. Tallinn Art Hall; Nest. Gallery 18m Berlin; Shifting Identity. Li Space Beijing
2007 Hugo Ball: fuga saeculi. Cabaret Voltair Zurich; Sequences. Art Festival Reykjavik; Wir are Paula. Artists Hous Worpswede; Art News Projekt. Berlin; Thinking Realism. State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow; I Belive. 2-nd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art
2006 We Have no Problems.... Backfabrik Berlin; The Happy Believers. Werkleitz Biennale Halle; Light and Shadow. PR1 Berlin; Hobby-Lobby. Lucky Loft Gallery Hamburg
2005 Hop Stop. Antibiennale in Zverevs Center Moscow
2004 Food first, then Morality. Gallery HFG Leipzig
2003 Innocence & Experience. The Apartment Gallery Athen; Festival Art & Crime. Hebbel-Theater Berlin
2002 Genetics and Vision. Biennale of Modern Art Meran; The Second Skin. Bellerive Museum Zurich
2001 Cattle. Het Van Reekum Museum Apeldoorn; Desire. Ursula Blickle Foundation in the Gallery of Modern Art Bologna; Food. Kunstferein Heidelberg
2000 Hair. Bellerive Museum Zurich
1999 The Surface. Gallery 5020 Salzburg; Bandits Mages Film Festival Bourges France
1998 Eat Please! Bavarian American Hotel Nuremberg; 1-th Biennale of Contemporary Photography Moscow; Durch-Sichten. Haus der Kunst Munich; Body Check. Gasteig Munich

Scholarships and Awards:
1994 Project scholarship at The Academy Association, Munich; 1995 Scholarship at Gisela and Erwin von Steiner Foundation; 1997 Scholarship at Prince Regent Luitpold Foundation; 1998 Promotional Grant from the city of Munich; 2000 Scholarship at the Jürgen Ponto Foundation Frankfurt/M, 2001 Award in the competition Food. Kunstverein Heidelberg, DAAD in Zurich.

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julia kissina  
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julia kissina  
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